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Sudhian Media


Sudhian Media, LLC was a well-known online news and information source dedicated to discussing, reviewing and providing support on the latest computer hardware and software. The site was created and developed by entrepreneur Jasper Schneider from his college dorm room at the University of Jamestown. 

As a start to Sudhian Media, Schneider developed the site during the 2000 spring semester in his dorm room at the University of Jamestown. That site was originally devoted to reviewing just products from VIA Technologies. At that time, there wasn’t a comprehensive online source to discuss and support VIA products. Schneider’s innovative VIA site featured news articles, discussions and reviews on VIA products and eventually other high-tech hardware and software. He authored much of the content himself at that time. Schneider often says that he “was blogging before anyone called it blogging.”

As traffic grew and grew, Schneider had to purchase a large amount of server space. By that time, the website featured a variety of contributing expert writers and boasted over 50,000 registered users from around the globe.

In late 2003, Schneider decided to expand operations. His vision included a new tech site that would be broader in scope. He then formed Sudhian Media ( and assembled a group of experienced contributing reviewers and writers. Traffic from was then routed to The name Sudhian came from the Fargo South High School newspaper, where Schneider was a section editor in 1995-97.

Sudhian quickly became a widely recognized informational source for the latest in high-tech gear. Sudhian Media eventually grew to a point where it took five servers to host it. Purchasing advertising spots on the site was extremely competitive. The peak of Sudhian’s popularity was in 2005, where it received an average of 30,000 unique visitors daily from all over the world.


Sudhian Media officially closed its doors in 2010 after ten years in operation. Schneider and his work in building Sudhian were featured in the 2013 documetary 'Choices'


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